ASX Announcements

08/01/2024Becoming a Substantial Shareholder
08/01/2024Ceasing to be a Substantial Shareholder
08/01/2024Appendix 3Y – Grant Davey
08/01/2024Appendix 3Y – Chris Bath
08/01/2024Appendix 3Y correction – David Wheeler
08/01/2024Appendix 3Y – David Wheeler
08/01/2024Appendix 3X – Matthew Kay
08/01/2024Appendix 3G – Options
08/01/2024Application for quotation of securities
02/01/2024Appendix 3B


29/12/2023Completion of Geothermal Acquisition
22/12/2023Geothermal Acquisition Update
06/12/2023Results of EGM
29/11/2023Results of Annual General Meeting
03/11/2023Notice of GM and Proxy Form
31/10/2023Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report
31/10/2023Cradle to Acquire Australian Geothermal Assets
23/10/2023Dispatch of Annual Report
11/10/2023Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy form
05/10/2023Investor Presentation – Geothermal Acquisition
06/09/2023Appendix 4G
05/09/2023Annual Report 2023
05/09/20232023 Corporate Governance Statement
08/08/2023Quarterly Report 30 June 2023
14/07/2023Investor Presentation – Geothermal Energy Acquisition
10/07/2023Application for quotation of securities
07/07/2023Proposed issue of securities
07/07/2023Cradle moves into renewable energy sector
24/05/2023Appointment/Resignation of Company Secretary
23/05/2023Quarterly Cash Flow Report Amendment
28/04/2023Quarterly Report 31 March 2023
03/03/2023Half Year Report 31 December 2022
07/02/2023Quarterly Report 31 December 2022
07/02/2023Results of Annual General Meeting


27/10/2022Quarterly Report 30 September 2022
17/10/2022Notice of Annual General Meeting
24/09/2022Appendix 4G
24/09/2022Corporate Governance Statement
24/09/2022Annual Report 2022
29/07/2022Quarterly Report 30 June 2022
29/04/2022Quarterly Report 31 March 2022
25/03/2022Change of Company Secretary
09/03/2022Half Year Report 31 December 2021
03/02/2022FCC Approves Transfer of PHT Shares
28/01/2022Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B
17/01/2022Change of Registered Office
13/01/2022ASX suspension of trading in the Company’s securities
13/01/2022Suspension from Official Quotation


20/12/2021Notice of ceasing to be a substantial holder
Cradle Resources Ltd

Cradle Resources Ltd.