ASX Announcements

30/09/2021Corporate Governance Statement
30/09/2021Annual Report
24/09/2021Notice of change of interests of substantial holder
24/09/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice
24/09/2021Notice of change of interests of substantial holding
24/09/2021Notice of initial substantial holder
23/09/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Chris Bath
23/09/2021Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Grant Davey
23/09/2021Cleansing Notice
23/09/2021Appendix 2A
22/09/2021Appendix 2A
22/09/2021ASX Rights issue shortfall
25/08/2021Appendix 3B
25/08/2021Offer Document
25/08/2021Non renounceable issue and Board Change
17/08/2021Letter to shareholders
13/08/2021Response to ASX Appendix 3Y Query
09/08/2021Change in substantial holding
09/08/2021Completion of in-specie distribution
02/08/2021Results of Meeting
29/07/2021Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B
27/07/2021Change of Director’s Interests
27/07/2021Change of Director’s Interest
27/07/2021Appendix 3A.05
27/07/2021General Meeting
28/06/2021Short Form Prospectus
28/06/2021Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
20/05/2021Change of Registered Office
27/04/2021March 2021 Quarterly Report
12/03/2021Half Year Report 31 December 2020
10/02/2021Change is substantial holding
28/01/2021December 2020 Quarterly Report
22/01/2021Becoming a substantial holder


23/12/2020Ceasing to be a substantial holder
22/12/2020Change in substantial holding
21/12/2020Appendix 3F – Final Share buy-back notice
21/12/2020Cradle & Tremont Transaction Completes
25/11/2020Cradle Constitution
25/11/2020Results of Annual General Meeting
30/10/2020September 2020 Quarterly Report
20/10/2020Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020
20/10/2020Letter to Shareholders Annual General Meeting
30/09/2020Appendix 4G
30/09/2020Corporate Governance Statement
30/09/2020Annual Report 2020
18/09/2020Results of Meeting
19/08/2020Letter to Shareholders General Meeting
19/08/2020Notice of meeting and proxy form
29/07/2020June 2020 Quarterly Report
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